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вторник, 20 апреля 2010 г.

Cheesehouse by Shayarka Designs

New fantastic kit!!!
"Cheesehouse" by Shayarka Designs.
This beautiful kit consists of 15 papers and 60 elements.
It's at the store now!
-20% OFF for the next 5 days!!!SunflowerScrap

My LO:

And Shayarka Designs also made a surprise for you.
This can be found on her blog

And Shayarka Designs created little surprise for facebook fans only!
This is addon which consisnts of papers and elements, which are NOT included into the kit! This is an EXCLUSIVE papers and elements only for facebook fans!
Here is link to Fan box!
Is you are NOT facebook fan - join my facebook group as quickly as possible! And you will be RAKed!

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